Quality comes first

This makes us unique

Are you tired of losing money in trading?

Do you find yourself feeling anxious and fearful when making trading decisions?

The TWM System covers a  solution to shorten time and money to achieve profitability.

How to be sure? We guarantee money back!

Personal support

  • 1 on 1 personal tracking your learning progress and trading 
  • personal reviewing of growth your account
  • 1 on 1 guidance in live market until you become independent profitable trader
  • 24/7 support with returning consultations
  • Personalized exercise program 
  • Personalized set up trading plan based on your lifestyle

Mindset support

    • Pre-recorded videos about trading psychology 
    • Strategy how to fit trading into busy life
    • Tutorial of how to manage time for trading if you still work 9-5
    • How to manage time for trading if you still work 9-5
    • How to find the time for family with two jobs
    • How to not waste time in a day and manage time for a family and friends

Psychology support

    • Trading psychology group with everyday motivation, lead and live support
    • Meditation as a tool and how to use it as trader
    • Different  exercises for breathing and sharpening focus
    • Understanding why fear appears
    • Techniques and ways of managing fear

Education support

  • Pre-recorded short videos with right on point explanation of strategy
  • Pre-recorded videos with simple explanation  how to use trading rules
  • Pre-recorded videos with easy understanding of market structure

System support

  • Tutorial Step by step how to apply rules with examples from the market
  • Tutorial how to extract more profit from the market
  • Simple trading sheet for  risk calculation, easy journaling and calculations P&L

Financial support

  •  With our proven system, we offer a money-back guarantee, ensuring that your investment is protected while you learn and trade with confidence.
  • Help with managing  your funds 
  • Guidance with trading accounts

The Right Plan
for a Real Trader

We aim to be the best partner for you. That is why we have carefully thought of each and every aspect of a trader’s journey with us.

Big things set us apart.


Our certainty in our knowledge and expertise convinces us

to give you your money back if you don’t make the result. 

Isn’t that a great opportunity to change your life and

finally make that dream a reality?


one time payment

For different ways of payment contact us via mail.

Observe the difference

The TWM System isn't just about making trades.

It's about transforming your approach to trading altogether.

By combining practical strategies with psychological support and risk management techniques, we empower traders to thrive in the market with confidence and peace of mind.


Join us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Simplify Your Trading Experience

Way to learn Quickly

This is an opportunity you definitely want to grab!


Designed for real people like you, balancing work and dreams of trading, it’s here to make your journey smoother.


With easy tutorials, personalized support, and guaranteed results, we make trading simple and profitable.


Join us and revolutionize your trading journey today!

Educational Videos

With a high-caliber trading course, you benefit from learning directly from the pros as they expose you to profitable trading strategies and techniques for managing risk. Also, having access to mentors and a community of like-minded people provides the additional insight and support so traders could keep moving forward.

Exclusive Community

Join our Private Community where you can trade with Professional traders and build valuable connections. Share your ideas, get support and improve your trading skills.

Personal Support

Master your trading game with personalized support through private calls, webinars, and personal assistance. Trading can be big struggle if you are left on your own with all that punches that market gives us.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy uninterrupted access with a single lifetime payment – no hidden fees, no renewals. Be a lifetime member and stay connected with our evolving resources, community, and market insights

Cost and time savings

Working 1on1 with Mentor that can guide you will save your time and money. No more burned accounts, failed challenges, stressing and wanting to give up. With private support of Mentor without additional costs your trading will move to the next level.

Personal trading plan

With a smart plan, you’ll have guidance on which market to trade, when to take profits, when to cut your losses, and where other opportunities could exist. Receive personalized assistance in creating a trading plan that aligns with your time, goals and risk management.

Psychology Support

Our experts helps traders develop and maintain the necessary discipline to avoid impulsive actions driven by emotions. True psychological support and work we help you improve your trading skills and upgrade your growth with removing mistakes that lead you to destroying accounts.

Trading Tools

Our Trading Tools are designed to analyze market trends, identify entry and exit points, and improve your decision-making process. They include edge trading indicators, trading journal with easy risk management calculators. Stay ahead of market movements with Trading Tools that can be used to various trading styles and markets.

Funding Opportunities

Struggling to secure a funded account? Our experts provide assistance in navigating funding options, helping you kickstart your trading journey. Say goodbye to financial barriers and hello to the possibilities that come with a well-funded account.