DOGECOIN AND BITCOIN | Could dogecoin go up ?

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On the technical side, we have a pattern which is showing some loss of momentum on the 4H timeframe so we can anticipate a continuation to the upside. Based on that keep your eyes on 15 – 1h timeframe for your buy setups before entering the market without having this setups don’t get in. Don’t chase the running candles.
There is the move with +150% to be made (if this dogecoin chart follows the script) and the trade has a nice protentional reward.
Any strong break to the downside will invalidate the setup.

Day trading dogecoin can give a nice profit. We have a dogecoin discussion yesterday on a live stream. If you want watch the recordings.

The Risk:
As trader, it is your job to mitigate the risk and only trade structures that provide high probability and great reward to risk ratios.

For analysing the chart and predicting the upcoming wave I use upgraded version of Wave Analysis. This strategy is easy to understand and it is totally without fundamentals ( It doesn’t matter if Elon Musk buy dogecoin or if Elon Musk tweets about dogecoin) . However if you don’t over risk and follow the plan than there is noting to lose in this crypto trading.

Invest with care !



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